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Each year, we capture and condense the most relevant debates currently shaping the world and making them center-stage at the St. Gallen Symposium in May. The annual topic is chosen from the realms of management, politics, and society.

Our Speakers are chosen with close consideration of the annual topic and their potential role in the St. Gallen Symposium as a whole. Their contributions imbue the symposium with context and meaningful content and they intellectually foster the debates in St. Gallen.


#forpurpose 2019

Dive into the current topic and join the digital debate in preparation of the 49th St. Gallen Symposium taking place from 8-10 May 2019.

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#forpurpose Primer

In this section we have gathered several insights from experts of the University of St. Gallen about #forpurpose exclusively for you .

These publications should stand out by providing food for thought on the main issues and the direct market consequences. They bring intriguing input to our debate, covering the fields of Business and Social Sciences.

As a primer, the publications will not include final answers to questions around “Capital for Purpose”, but instigate our community to reflect upon the discussions that will follow in May 2019.